Book Review: Saints Who Raised the Dead

Okay, bottom line: Everyone should read this book. I apologize for not writing this review when TAN was selling it for $9.95 (half price!)… mea culpa! But it’s well worth even full price.

Father Hebert’s Saints Who Raised the Dead is truly an awesome book. We read a few accounts in the Sacred Scriptures about persons who raised the dead: the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha, of course Jesus’ resurrection miracles in the New Testament, and also the Apostles Peter and Paul. And we even read Jesus’ words in the Gospel to His Apostles telling them to perform such great deeds (cf. Matthew 10:8). However, the sheer volume of resurrection miracles recounted by Father Hebert is amazing. Before I read this book, I had no idea that so many Saints– even Saints who I thought I knew quite a bit about– had raised the dead. Nor did I have any idea that there were so many purported resurrection miracles!

In his introduction Father Hebert assures his reader that he has only included miracles of proven or accepted authenticity, and that this book is not meant to be an encyclopedia of all such cases. Still, the nearly 400 miracles recounted by Father Hebert are a testament to the veracity of the Catholic Church’s claims, and God’s action in the world in and through His Saints.

As Father Hebert also underscores, these miracles are not a testimony to the greatness of the Saints, but a testimony of the power, glory, and providence of God. The miracles are His actions. It is unfortunate that so many, even priests, theologians, etc., in our current day deny or downplay the miraculous; going so far as to deny even the miracles recorded in the Bible. Father Hebert’s book Saints Who Raised the Dead is their cure. We need to be reminded of God’s providence, of God’s power, and of the fact that God still is truly active in the world today. He hears our prayers, He performs miracles in confirmation of Faith. Read. Be inspired. Preach the Good News.

Why should it be thought a thing incredible, that God should raise the dead?

Acts 26:8

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