Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Sorry for the poor picture… I used my cell phone (oh, the wonders of modern technology!)


Bishop Athanasius Schneider, awesome bishop of the Catholic Church, author of the amazing DOMINUS EST! – It is the Lord! visited my parish this past week for a day of reflection on Eucharistic Miracles. It was a free event that began with Mass–my first experience of an ad orientem (the priest faced the altar) Novus Ordo liturgy with lots of Latin… if all Novus Ordo Masses were celebrated like that I think our churches would be filled! Mass was followed by a talk and Q&A session with Bishop Schneider, and there was a “Eucharistic Mysteries” touring exhibit from the Vatican (pictures, stories, etc. of Eucharistic miracles throughout the life of the Church… it was inspiring to see so many!) on display throughout the day, as well as adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and an opportunity to go to Confession in the afternoon.

Having read Bishop’s Schneider’s DOMINUS EST! – It is the Lord!, it was a privilege to hear him defend the sacredness of the Eucharist in person; Bishop Schneider is soft-spoken but speaks with conviction when he speaks of Holy Communion. And he is spot on when he calls for a return to receiving the Eucharist on the tongue while kneeling… imagine the renewed sense of reverence and awe that would permeate the congregation! Instead of the Sacred Host being passed out (“distributed”… what a harsh word for Our Lord!) like candy on Halloween, the most Sacred Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ would lovingly and carefully be placed on the kneeling communicant’s tongue to ensure not even the smallest particle would be lost! The fact that our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has been providing this example during his papal liturgies is an encouraging sign!