Earth Day 2010… what REALLY matters

Catholic Vote’s newest ad campaign for Earth Day 2010 (today) is great. Very creative. This is what we need to get people thinking:

… and I’m all for making people think.

Don’t get me wrong, Fr. Frank Pavone at Priests for Life has a point when he says that, “America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion“. But those graphic images are best left for adults/older children in an appropriate setting. Advertisements  that younger children might see should preserve their innocence and instead provoke thought and/or celebrate life in a positive way. Associating abortion with pictures of cute newborns/young children (i.e., a “fetus” is a scientific name for a baby in the womb) is just as effective as showing an adult/mature child the gruesome reality of abortion. Either way, the message [that abortion is the murder of a baby] comes across– but in an age appropriate manner.


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