The difference between “pro-life” and “anti-abortion”

With the untimely news of George Tiller’s murder and the frenzy over the motive (which everyone assumes is from an “anti-abortion extremist”), there’s been a large increase in news articles, etc. discussing life issues. They reference two sides: the “pro-choice” side (or “abortion rights”), and the “anti-abortion” side. I have not found one secular news article using the term “pro-life” (please let me know of it if you see one).

Does it matter?

I think it does. I think it sets up a picture of how the media wants the public to view the pro-life movement (and, by extention, anyone who calls themselves “pro-life”). They don’t want you see the movement as fighting for the LIVES of human children. They want you to see the pro-life movement as a political ideology bent on restricting women’s “rights” (as if all women are born with the inherent “right” to kill their offspring); thus, pro-abortion (“pro-choice”– whose choice?) groups are referred to as those in favor of “abortion rights”. Set up as a debate between rights, instead of the real debate (between LIFE or death), the pro-life movement becomes seen and understood as restrictive and oppressive.

Impressive propagana, isn’t it?

Don’t be fooled. In the debate about rights we must first and foremost remember that we, as Americans, profess to be “created equal” with “certain inalienable rights” which include, as a foundation, the “right to LIFE” (my emphasis).


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