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Book Review: The 12 Steps to Holiness and Salvation

Bottom Line: Yes, I highly recommend it.

The preface, by Fr. Cornelius Warren, CSSR, says that “the order of virtues considered is that followed by the spiritual sons of St. Alphonsus in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. For each month of the year is assigned a particular virtue to which they are to devote their special attention. This is a practice highly recommended  by the masters of the spiritual life, and is fraught with the happiest results.”

Thus, I began this book in January of 2008 and endeavored to read one of the 12 chapters(virtues) each month of the year. I usually read the chapter during my Holy Hour and afterwards tried to meditate on that particular virtue (the chapters are short, so they did not take long to read). I did find it a fruitful practice; however, though the chapters are short, they contain much and I think it would be good to continually read the same chapter throughout the month while adding in pious practices devoted to that month’s particular virtue. I like St. Alphonsus Liguori; his writing style is very direct and full of many pious examples and the witness of earlier Saints.

This was the breakdown of virtues:

1. Faith
2. Hope
3. Love of God
4. Love for our Neighbor
5. Poverty
6. Chastity
7. Obedience
8. Meekness and Humility
9. Mortification
10. Recollection
11. Prayer
12. Self-Denial and Love of the Cross

You can purchase this book here.

I wrote this review for the Tiber River Blogger Review program, created by Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, the largest Catholic Store online. For more information and to purchase, please visit Aquinas and More Catholic Goods.

Tiber River is the first Catholic book review site, started in 2000 to help you make informed decisions about Catholic book purchases.

I receive free product samples as compensation for writing reviews for Tiber River.


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