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    - Pope St. Pius X, Our Apostolic Mandate, August 15, 1910

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Obama's Inauguration: A Day of Mourning

I have been planning and mulling over this for a while now, wanting to say what I mean—firmly, faithfully, and charitably.

So I will start off by saying that I pray for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and other political figures involved in the administration of this country. My country. And I hope others are doing the same. Regardless of where we agree or disagree… Let the Will of God be done and praised.

That said it cannot be ignored that our country and its current leaders are participating in and precipitating an affront to humanity. They are furthering (what has been aptly termed) the culture of death by promoting and allowing a particular mindset to take hold in America. What mindset? The kind of mindset that says people are disposable. That the State has the power to decide who is a person and who is not (though, I have never met a human who is not also a person). That human life is only valuable when wanted and useful to the State. Abortion kills the person at the earliest stages of human development, when the person is at his weakest. Euthanasia kills the fully developed human, also at his weakest… they prey on the defenseless—the unborn, the infirm, and the elderly, who haven’t the strength nor the voice to defend themselves.

Life is worth something in and of itself, irrespective of what it means to someone else. To the person who has it, it is everything. The extent to which a person consciously recognizes or accepts that fact is irrelevant. It is true without acknowledgment because without life, we have nothing.

This is why being pro-life is such an issue; because it’s everything. It truly is life or death, and it’s a real shame our society doesn’t recognize the weight of those words: life or death. Life: everything. Death:                  .


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