Recommendation & Request

There is a lot of talk about the reasons why Catholics are falling away from their faith… why the pews are empty, why “Catholics” reject the teachings of the Catholic Church (and still call themselves Catholic), why their are no (answered) vocations, etc. What’s my take? We need good, holy priests. Good, holy priests who will celebrate good, holy liturgies. How do we accomplish such a feat? Prayer.


I picked up a little card with a “Prayer for Priests” on it several months ago. I kept in my Raccolta by an indulgenced prayer for priests and recently made use of the empty space on the back to write the names of priests I know (and their ordination dates if I knew them or could find them). Did I pick my favorite priests? Yes, of course. Did I also include the names of priests I don’t particularly like or get along with? Yes, of course! They especially need my prayers (and such a prayer comes with a dual purpose… their sanctity and my own! May my hardened heart grow in and through Charity in my prayers!).

So, find such a little prayer card for priests and write the names of the priests you know (and pray for them), or make a little card of your own with a good prayer for priests.


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